It's Time to Push Beyond with Sabrina Harvey

Emily Gordon

At OneMoreRep, we're big believers that physical and mental aspects of fitness are intertwined. Through a balancing approach to both, you can achieve true body confidence, so you can look and feel amazing inside and out. 

All through her childhood, Sabrina Harvey struggled with her weight. Then at only ten years old, she started a strict diet and exercise routine, leading to a highly damaged relationship between food and her body, along with anxiety and depression. 

Now at 25, Sabrina is working to heal her body and mind by doing the things she loves and spending time with the ones she loves. Her goal is to eat to fuel her body and train because it makes her feel good mentally and physically. 

Q: How did you start at OneMoreRep? And what did make you love the brand?

Emily reached out to me on Instagram, and at first, I thought it was one of those scams, but I was still intrigued with the new business and their "push beyond" tagline. I ended up doing one photoshoot with one of their first collections, and the rest was history. 

I fell in love with the company, the team, and everything they stand for - mental health, size inclusivity, the list goes on. 

Q: What goal or goals are you working on right now? (fitness, mental, health, work, family)

I'm getting married to my best friend in September, which I am so excited about. So, this year isn't about losing 10kg, and there will be no "wed shed". My future husband is going to love me no matter how I look, and I am worthy as I am right now regardless. So, this year is about eating to fuel my body, training to feel strong and because it makes me feel good.  

Q: If you feel comfortable, can you share some insights into your body/mental health struggles?

I've lost weight, gained weight, lost more weight, gained more weight. No doubt that messes with you a little tiny bit. Not to mention all other life struggles and trauma some people go through. So, in return, I have/am struggling mentally. Body dysmorphia, anxiety, depression and binge eating disorder are all absolutely no joke at all. It's exhausting, overwhelming, stressful and embarrassing. 

 Q: What tips and strategies do you use to take care of your mental health?

I feel like this is such a cliche answer but working out! There's honestly no better answer I could have given. Even though getting dressed, putting your shoes on, and actually going can be extremely difficult but once you're there and you smash it out, the feeling you get after a workout, it's like no other. 

I feel like another big thing that has taken a long time to learn is to say 'no'. No, I don't want to do that extra shift at work. No, I actually don't want to hang out today. Saying no and putting yourself first is so powerful. Taking the time you need for yourself is easier said than done but knowing when to say no is key! It's okay to say no! 

I want to be that fitspo that says, "yeah, I meditate every day", but I'm not. I'm just not. But I'm trying when I remember!  Bring on 2022 for more meditation. 

Q: Do you have any words of motivation or encouragement for those reading this who might be experiencing adversity right now? Or any tips for anyone struggling out there?  

If you need help, ask for it. Again easier said than done. It took me ages to open up to my GP about my mental health and binge eating struggles. But now I'm regularly seeing a special dietitian, and I'm on antidepressants, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. 

Unfollow accounts on social media that don't make you feel good or question yourself or start comparisons. 

Try and surround yourself with people who support you and who will listen when you need. And if all else fails, I'm only a dm away from anyone. Even if you're feeling really down and don't want to talk, I can just send you funny gifs. We all need to look after each other, I think, even if I've never met you, I want the best for you, and I'm in your corner. 

Q: What can the health and fitness industry do to be more inclusive and represent a more diverse range of people?

This is something that I believe in the last two years has improved leaps and bounds, which is so needed and so great to see! I guess there's a time and place for perfection. But I believe the health and fitness industry isn't one of them. I want to see more sweaty, red faces from working out, sweat patches in your crotch from working out, messy hair, someone struggling to do a push up for goodness' sake! Real-life! I'm so proud of OneMoreRep for having such a wide size range straight from the get-go, it's something that in the beginning stood out to me, and I thought, hey, these guys are going to do good things. 

 Q: Do you have any favourite OMR pieces or collections?

Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows the True Seamless Shorts are my ride or die. I like to say I'll get buried in those shorts. They are THE BEST for working out in. They don't move once they are on my body. It's quite magical. I'm not even kidding when I say I have over 12 pairs, and I'm not stopping any time soon.

OneMoreRep is about challenging the body and respecting the mind, so encouraging mental health wellness is a big part of our core purpose and the focus of our social initiatives. 

We're here to inspire real people to get unreal results. Whether you're in shape, bent out of shape or hell-bent on getting back into shape, we reckon if you're confident in your own skin, you'll look great in our gear.

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