OneMoreRep Turns One!

Camila Griffin

February is our birthday month, and we are celebrating one year of the OneMoreRep brand. We have gone above and beyond to create activewear that YOU feel good and look great! 

“We wanted to create unique activewear that feels great on and motivates and impress the athlete within. We’re here to inspire real people to get unreal results” – founder and CEO Grant Mayo.

We have created a brand, but we have also created a community with it – full of amazing people who likes to inspire real people. We reckon that if you are confident in your skin, you'll look great in the OneMoreRep gear. 

“Whether you're in shape, bent out of shape or hell-bent on getting back into shape, we reckon if you’re confident in your own skin you’ll look great in our gear” adds Grant.

So, when our first birthday was coming, we knew we wanted to commemorate with you. Here's how we celebrated our first birthday at OneMoreRep!


A Crazy Idea and A Photoshoot

We thought it would be cool and sweet to have a cake party! Because we were just a bit excited to be celebrating our first birthday, we locked in a photoshoot with our amazing ambassadors and a delicious cake. 

We were thrilled with the results, and we got to eat some sweet, sweet cakes too! Plus, we got to create some amazing social media content for you to enjoy on Instagram, Facebook and our newsletter!! 


An Epic Birthday Sale 

Because we celebrated our birthday, we made sure you got to enjoy our best deal yet! And what's the best way to say thank you? It's by having an epic sale so you can enjoy so of the party too! 


We Sat Down and Reflected On The Year That It Was

 “This past year has been a whirl wind for OMR. We’ve released 10 collections, shipped worldwide and became the naming WBFF sponsor. However, the most significant achievement is the community we have begun to build. We’ve been really selective about those who represent OMR ensuring their values align with our own and of course our amazing loyal customers. It’s very exciting and surreal being out and about or at the gym and seeing someone in OMR” reflects Grant.

Fitness should not come at the cost of mental fatigue. At OMR, we want to challenge the body and respect the mind by encouraging mental health wellness. This is part of our core purpose and the focus of our social initiatives. We believe in pushing physical boundaries through a positive mindset.

“A huge part of the gym experience for us is the mental aspect. We want to be an advocate and voice for mental health and those concerns the fitness industry just doesn’t talk about enough. We believe in pushing physical boundaries through a positive mindset - fitness shouldn’t come at the cost of mental fatigue. We’re about challenging the body and respecting the mind” – Grant Mayo 


What’s next for OMR? 

“We’re excited to continue to ride the crazy wave! We’d love to grow our team and move warehouse (again) as we keep out growing our spaces - lol. And of course, bring out collections inspired by our customers and what they want from their activewear.” 

Our Founders made sure that OneMoreRep was not just another activewear. OMR vision from the get-go was to inspire people, which continues to be the core of our vision to inspire you to be confident in your own skin! 

“We’re here to build a community that is supportive, inclusive and empowering.”


2021 in Numbers:

In 2021, we picked 13,000 items and launched and released 10 collections. We were 98% paperless and 20 family members joined the OMR family. 

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