The Ultimate Push Beyond Prize Pack

Camila Griffin

Take your fitness to a whole new level and push beyond your limits to achieve greatness. The Ultimate Push Beyond Prize Pack from OneMoreRep is here and it’s filled with everything you need and want to inspire and motivate yourself to Push Beyond in and out of the gym.

Find the motivation and resources you need to keep pushing beyond your limits day after day and strive for excellence in every area of your life with the OMR prize pack. It includes everything you need to get down to business and get it done!

We don't compromise on the essential elements of life: rest, recovery, health, family, social connections, or lifestyle. And this prize pack includes it all you need to maintain harmony in all aspects of your life while striving for excellence.


What’s In The Ultimate Push Beyond Prize Pack & Why You Need It!


Beatz Headphones – get focused and in the rhythm with the perfect headphones for every workout.

Theragun – get into those sore muscles and alleviate muscle tension and soreness so you can recover faster and train harder!

Gym Tripod – the must-have accessory for your next lifting session! You can capture every moment with total stability.

Genetix $250 Voucher – choose from a wide range of high quality supplements to up your game, get better and stronger and tap into your greatest potential.

OneMoreRep $250 Apparel Voucher – revamp the wardrobe with new collections, colours and gear from OnemoreRep. 

OneMoreRep Gym Towel – the workout essential so you can say goodbye to sweaty, uncomfortable workouts.

OneMoreRep Stainless Steel Water Bottle – hydration is a must so you can power through life and your next training session.

OneMoreRep Faded Cap – perfect for training or an addition to your casual outfit, trendy design and faded colour.

OneMoreRep Duffle Bag – pack everything in the stylish OMR duffle bag—a must-have for every training session.

OneMoreRep Sock Pack – socks might seem like a minor detail, but they can significantly impact your comfort during workouts.

Vantage Strength Accessories $200 Voucher – empower your next workout with a range of strength accessories. You can lift more with confidence!

Are you ready to embrace your potential, break through boundaries, and push beyond? Enter to win the Ultimate Push Beyond Prize Pack and take your first step towards a stronger, better, and more fulfilled you.

Don't wait! Greatness doesn't come to those who wait; it comes to those who pursue their limits and push beyond.



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