RU OK? A conversation that could change a life.

Tasha Hunter

At OneMoreRep, we're all about pushing beyond in the gym, but we believe in something even more significant: pushing beyond in your mental health and mindset.

Today, on RU OK Day, we want to emphasise the importance of checking in on your loved ones, your gym buddies, and even yourself.

RU OK Day is a gentle reminder that a simple conversation can change a life. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting each other up. If you notice someone is struggling or seems distant, take the time to ask, "Are you okay?" It's a powerful question that can make a world of difference. The R U OK website provides valuable insights on how to approach this conversation effectively: How to Ask.

Remember, the OneMoreRep mentality exists to help you PUSH BEYOND, not just in your workouts but in life's challenges. If someone you care about (or even yourself) needs professional support, encourage them to contact a doctor, local health centre or one of the services listed HERE.

At OneMoreRep, we believe that pushing beyond isn't just about physical strength; it's about mental resilience. Let's stand together, create meaningful connections, and help each other thrive. Today and every day, let's ask, "R U OK?" because a conversation can save a life.


Keep lifting,

OMR Crew

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