Get In The Zone

Camila Griffin


Get in the zone with the newest OneMoreRep Collection. When you are in the zone, everything else is just noise. You're not like everyone else. You're unique. You're committed. You're in the zone, stepping into the gym with a focused mindset. Next time you're eyeing that weight rack, ready to push your limits, remember this: you’re meant for this. You have mental clarity, unparalleled focus and the physical aptitude to persevere. You're tuned in… everything else is noise when you're In The Zone with OneMoreRep.


Get  In The Zone with the new powerful Bright Hues. Stand out from the crowd, break the mould, and be loud and unique with the all-new bright hues in the most popular styles. Because you are not like everyone else, you want to be heard and be in the zone. Designed to inspire, empower and be noticed when you enter the gym floor.

Apple Green: Conquer any challenge ahead with the Apple Green in your favourite OMR piece. Radiate positivity and let your personality shine through this vibrant and exciting colour.  Express yourself and make a statement that reflects your vibrant personality.

Blue Raspberry: Embrace power and fun with the Blue Raspberry in the OneMoreRep best selling styles. Turn heads, break records and, most of all, have fun. A colour like no other that will make you shine through every workout. 

Bubblegum Pink: Unleash energy and self-expression with OneMoreRep’s most popular colour. Bubblegum Pink is making a comeback and will now available in the Infinity Bralette, the front seam-free booty and scrunch shorts as well as our ever trending Core Scrunch Leggings. No more blending into the background—now is the time to shine!

Grape: Dominate your workouts in the Grape hue that seamlessly blends sophistication and glamour. Embrace this gorgeous new colour in your fave OneMoreRep pieces, and get In the Zone, ready and committed to push beyond.


OneMoreRep’s In The Zone Collection is designed with your all-time favourite sweat-wicking fabric that actively pulls moisture away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry throughout the exercise. This innovative technology allows you to focus on what matters most- YOUR PERFORMANCE. This collection uses four-way stretch fabric, allowing maximum freedom of movement because you should never be restricted during your workouts.

Be confident to load that bar and squat low with complete coverage and support with our Squat-Proof shorts and leggings.. The  quick-drying fabric, will allow you to seamlessly transition from your workout to the rest of your day so you are ready for anything that comes your way. 

Embrace OneMoreRep for Everyday

The In The Zone collection is designed for your fave gym workouts, but works well paired with your everyday and rest day outfits. We don’t compromise on comfort or style in easy-to-wash fabrics and easy to style with other pieces in your wardrobe . We set a high standard so you can dominate and elevate not only your workouts, but your life too. 


Infinity Bralette: The go-to and most popular sports bra in the OMR collection. Designed for everyday wear or light gym sessions, the new In the Zone Infinity Bralette is the perfect top for all your fave outfits, in and out of the gym.

Core Strappy Sports Bra: The go-to OneMoreRep Sports Bra designed with gym performance in mind. Combining the perfect blend of style, simplicity and functionality, featuring minimal branding, supportive under-bust elastic, thin straps and removable padding.

Force T-Back: OneMoreRep’s fashion-forward approach shines in the perfect blend of a crop top and a sports bra. The Force T-Back Sports Bra is designed for those who prefer more coverage yet still want style and minimalism.

Core Booty Shorts: Your new favourite pair of gym shorts is in the latest In the Zone Collection. These high-waisted gym shorts are designed to perfection. They not only provide a comfortable and breathable experience but also offer exceptional flexibility.

Core Scrunch Shorts: The best-selling OneMoreRep scrunch shorts have returned for the In the Zone Collection. Functional, flattering, and form-fitting: the high-waisted, soft-to-touch gym shorts with the all-important glute contouring are back and even better.

Core Scrunch Legging: Get ready to dominate your workouts and style with the Core Scrunch Leggings. The ultimate blend of function, flattery, and a flawless fit with our high-waisted, soft-to-touch leggings. They feature no front seam and your fave glute contouring to enhance your curves in all the right places.

Apex Shorts: Get the best out of workouts with the comfy Apex Muscle Shorts. Featuring zipped pockets, a smaller logo and a drawstring for the perfect fit in and out of the gym. Prioritising functionality and design for maximum freedom of movement, comfort and fit to complement your physique.

Boss Crewneck: The essential piece of clothing in your wardrobe is the Boss Crewneck. Suitable for both men and women, this timeless jumper with an embossed logo across the chest is designed to keep you warm, cozy and comfortable. We've crafted a relaxed jumper with the ideal urban fit, combining comfort, style, and functionality.

Crew Socks: Keep your feet comfortable and dry with the OMR Crew Socks, and power through your reps. Focus on your performance with the comfort and support of the Crew Socks and pair matching colours to your fave sets! Enjoy comfort, cushioning, and support with a mix of reinforced stretch and ribbing.

In The Zone Collection Shop Now

Amp up your “In the Zone” Mode with OneMoreRep’s most exciting release. All of our best-selling pieces and styles in bright new colours, plus our classic Bubblegum Pink, makes a glorious return. Make a statement and dominate your life in and out of the gym. 

Get In The Zone. Physically, mentally and fashionably. Turn heads and break records.

The In The Zone Collection is the ultimate fusion of comfort, functionality, and, most importantly, a feeling and a mindset. You’re Tuned In… and Everything Else Is Noise. 



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