Classics Make a Comeback Series

Camila Griffin

Prepare to be thrilled as your favourite classic gym wear pieces are back, better than ever, with new styles and colours, plus all your favourites are BACK! In the fashion world, trends come and go, but some styles have an enduring appeal. That's the case of OneMoreRep Men’s Classic apparel, which is making a triumphant return to the OneMoreRep collection.

One of the reasons classics make a comeback is their timeless style. OMR men's classic wear has a versatility that transcends trends. Whether you're hitting the weight room or heading out for a casual day, these pieces effortlessly blend functionality with style. From classic Apex Everyday Shorts to Oversized Tees, OneMoreRep has assembled a collection that caters to athletes of all ages and styles. Embracing the classics means embracing a wardrobe staple that will never go out of fashion.

The OG of Men’s Classics:

Embrace the classics; all your favourite styles are restocked or updated, offering you the best of both worlds—timeless style and cutting-edge performance. OMR originals of Men’s Classic capture the essence of simplicity, delivering clean lines, solid colours, and minimalistic branding. As fashion trends come and go, classics have an enduring appeal that transcends time.

OMR Iconic Block Tee Charcoal

Iconic Block Tee – Making a comeback, this lightweight and breathable tee will get you through the toughest workouts. Hit one more rep easily in the Iconic Block Tee Charcoal, or head out in this versatile piece. Featuring crew neck, straight hem, short sleeve and soft and stretchy fabric.

OMR Flex Standard Tee

Flex Standard Tee – This minimalistic Tee is soft, stretchy and has a snug fit so you can flex and show off your physique. We can assure you that this will be your new gym staple piece that you’ll want to train on, plus it’s comfortable enough to wear out after the gym.

OMR Core Stringer Tee

Core Stringer – Taking on the iconic stringer, this lightweight and quick-drying Core Stringer is designed with the classic t-back plus the loud logo on the back for the serious lifter who needs no distractions.

OMR Core Muscle Tee

Core Muscle Tee – The classic muscle tank is back. The OG classic favourite provides you with the essential piece for any workout. Designed with low-cut sides and a round neckline, this muscle tee sits loosely on the body for added ventilation.

OMR Apex Everyday Shorts

Apex Everyday Shorts – Make a statement with the return of the original Apex Everyday Shorts. These breathable and stylish shorts are designed with a drawstring waist and side pocket for all activities, from rest day to hard-core training.

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