2022 OneMoreRep and WBFF Sponsorship Opportunity

Tasha Hunter

The search for OneMoreRep x WBFF Athlete has started! We are on the hunt for athletes, bodybuilders, influencers, and fitness models looking for an incredible sponsorship opportunity. While the right athlete can make a difference to OneMoreRep and WBFF, the right brand (OneMoreRep) can make a difference to your life!

OneMoreRep values going above and beyond in pushing physical, mental, and circumstantial boundaries through a positive, can-do mindset. OneMoreRep is about pushing for more, aspiring for better, achieving your goals and becoming who you've always wanted to be - but not at the cost of burnout. We celebrate human potential and we believe that mental health is foundational to our purpose.

So, we are looking for athletes with the same attitude. This is the perfect opportunity to join us! If you are a WBFF competitor and someone who wants to inspire, grow and encourage a OneMoreRep "Push Beyond" mindset, you're exactly who we're looking for.

Alongside WBFF Australia, we are looking for the newest athletes to join our team. Being a sponsored athlete gives you an excellent opportunity to enhance your bodybuilding, fitness modelling, and influencer career. We want you to push beyond, and the best part is, we are here to help you do that.

If you think you've got what it takes to join the OneMoreRep team, then we WANT YOU! 

WBFF and OMR Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Be featured in OneMoreRep collection campaign shoots and feature in advertising displayed across the country
  • Be featured across the OneMoreRep website and social media platforms
  • Be featured in WBFF x OneMoreRep Promotional content
  • Be a part of other exciting content and photoshoot opportunities
  • Invitations to OneMoreRep behind-the-scenes product sessions to preview and sample upcoming collections
  • Catapult your modelling and influencer status
  • Opportunities to earn commission on sales
  • Be a part of the super-supportive OneMoreRep community/family

How to Enter the OMR and WBFF Sponsorship:

    • Wear your favourite OneMoreRep gear in your Instagram posts, stories and reels⁠. (You must be in OneMoreRep gear to be considered⁠.)
    • ⁠Use code WBFF10 to order your apparel before show day⁠
    • Tag @onemorerep.official and @wbff_aust⁠
    • Use the hashtags #omrxwbff #pushbeyond⁠ on your Instagram posts & stories
    • Head to this link to submit a formal application and tell us why you'd make a great brand ambassador.
    • Ensure you post your OneMoreRep content everyday up until (and on) show day, October 29th, 2022 to be seen by brand reps.⁠
    • On Show day WBFF Judges, OneMoreRep brand reps, and Behind the Scenes team decide who will win these exclusive sponsorship deals.⁠

Quick FAQs:

Who is OneMoreRep?

OMR believes in pushing physical boundaries through a positive mindset. We challenge the body and respect the mind encouraging mental health and wellness. We want to inspire real people to get unreal results. We want you to be confident in your own skin, and we create activewear that will look great on you. The OMR and WBFF sponsorship is an excellent opportunity for competitors to showcase their love for the fitness and health industry. 

Who are the WBFF?

The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) showcases athletes' hard work and discipline through many months of hard training and dieting. The WBFF show is not just a "muscle" contest, but it's a fashion meets fitness recognition. Only" The Best of The Best compete in WBFF".

The WBFF shows in Australia are among the most recognised and popular among athletes. It provides the best opportunities for contestants and models to compete against each other, effectively promoting health and fitness. The WBFF Australia show allows all athletes to shine and compete for the prestigious "Pro Card".

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for WBFF competitors who align their mindset with ours. Those with passion for life and a pure dedication, drive and discipline in all they do. Those who not only aspire to be bigger, better and stronger in every aspect of life, but those who actually walk their talk, take the rest and mental health break they need, and can also raise the bar and push beyond to get OneMoreRep.

Is It Worth Getting Sponsored?

Absolutely! Many benefits and opportunities (listed above) will come your way, plus you'll be part of the super-supportive OneMoreRep community/family!

We want "The best of the Best" to represent our brand in the fitness industry. Don't miss out on this great opportunity, and enter now for your chance to get OMR and WBFF Sponsorship. Join the OMR family!


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