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Tasha Hunter

Elevate Your Workout Wardrobe with the OneMoreRep Fitness Club Women's Collection

When it comes to fitness apparel, we believe that style and functionality should go hand in hand. At OneMoreRep Fitness Club, we've taken inspiration from the chic vibes of the Californian summer yet designed right here in the laid-back sunny Gold Coast to bring you a women's collection that not only elevates your cool factor but also empowers you to chase your fitness goals in style. Let's dive into what makes our new collection truly exceptional.

A Natural Connection: The Colour Palette


Our latest women's collection draws inspiration from the rich and earthy hues of California's landscapes. The colour palette is a harmonious blend of sage, forest, and chocolate. These neutral tones evoke a sense of tranquillity and balance, connecting you to the serene beauty of nature. Whether you're hitting the gym, zenning out on the yoga mat, going for a run, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll, our colour palette will keep you grounded and stylish.

Timeless Classics Make a Comeback


In this collection, we're reintroducing some of our most beloved classics. The core scrunch shorts, designed for ultimate flexibility and coverage, are back. These shorts are perfect for those intense workouts or even a casual day out. Pair them with our infinity bralettes, known for their unmatched style and comfort, and you've got yourself a beautifully coordinated workout ensemble that will turn heads at the gym. Our full-length scrunch leggings make a return as well, offering a snug fit without compromising on style.

Introducing the 2-inch Core True Booty Scrunch Shorts

As a new addition to our collection, we're excited to introduce the 2-inch Core True Booty Scrunch Shorts. Perfect for Summer, these shorter-length shorts are designed to accentuate your natural curves with less length. The scrunch detailing at the back enhances a peachy appearance while offering maximum flexibility and comfort. They're a must-have for those who want to feel cool, look good and be comfy during every rep.

Where Style Meets Function

At OneMoreRep Fitness Club, we believe that your fitness journey should look chic enough to strut Californian streets yet comfy enough to emulate a laid-back Australian Summer. Our women's collection embodies this belief by seamlessly blending style and function. Whether you're hitting the gym or heading out for a hike, you can do it all while looking effortlessly chic. Embrace the California spirit with our new collection, designed right here in the Sunny Gold Coast, and let it empower you to achieve your fitness goals with confidence and style.

Incorporate the serenity of sage, the depth of the forest, and the richness of chocolate into your workout wardrobe. Bring back the classics with our core scrunch shorts, infinity bralettes, and full-length scrunch leggings. And don't forget to try our new 2-inch Core True Booty Scrunch Shorts for that extra confidence boost. With the OneMoreRep Fitness Club Women's Collection, you'll elevate your fitness game and make a bold statement wherever you go.

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