Meet Blake Synclair: OneMoreRep and WBFF Pro Athlete

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Meet Blake Synclair: OneMoreRep and WBFF Pro Athlete  

At OneMoreRep, we are big believers in pushing the boundaries and challenging the body while respecting the mind. By balancing physical and mental aspects, you can achieve anything so you can feel and look amazing from the inside out.

Blake Synclair knew from a young age that he had a purpose in this world. But life isn't what we always plan, and Blake found himself unable to enjoy the simple things in life after a crushing injury at the age of 16. Fast forward a few years later, he found himself back in the game.

Now, he's a successful coach and athlete who lives to inspire and help others achieve anything they put their mind to. He believes if he can push beyond, so can you! It's time to Push Beyond with born and raised Gold Coaster Blake Synclair. 

OMR: Tell us about a day in the life of Blake Synclair:

A typical day for me starts at 4:30am. I get up, make a coffee and breakfast, and then reply to emails or messages before leaving the house at 5:15am for morning clients. From there, I work with my morning clients at the gym and train myself. I do 35 minutes of cardio post workout, shower and return home for my online clients and content creation. I head back to work at 4pm for my evening clients until 6pm. Then I return home, cook dinner and watch Netflix before going to bed at 8:30pm.

OMR: Tell us about your fitness background and what you're up to now?

I was heavily entrenched in rugby from 10 years of age until I ruptured all the tendons and ligaments in a training drill at 16. After that injury, I put on quite a lot of weight due to my inability to exercise during the recovery phase. This prompted me to get seriously involved in the fitness and competing scene. I wanted to prove to myself I could go from one extreme to another. 

At 18yrs old, I competed in my first  WBFF Gold Coast show, likely placing dead last. Only to go back to the drawing board and compete later that year at the INBA Brisbane SuperShow 2015. I then qualify for the natural Olympia with 2nd place in opens. I returned to the WBFF in 2017 and came 1st, narrowly missing out on my pro card. Returning to the WBFF again in 2018, I secured  another 1st place victory and obtained my pro card. I made my pro debut with the WBFF in 2019 and placed 4th.

Now, I am preparing for my second pro show in Las Vegas, USA. I will be competing in the WBFF Worlds this August.

OMR: What are your current goals? (fitness or non-fitness related)

I am a full-time Online Coach passionate about helping people achieve life-changing results. My sole goal is to help reach as many individuals as possible. I want to show them that no one is exempt from achieving similar life-changing weight loss and general progress.

Fitness-wise, my current goal is to bring my best body to date to the WBFF Worlds.

OMR: What does "Push Beyond" mean to you?

To me, this simply means going the extra mile. Break any preconceived limitations you may have imposed on yourself.

OMR: What obstacles have you overcome in life?

Regarding fitness-related injuries, quite a few – I ruptured all tendons and ligaments in my left arm at 16 yrs old, and 2 herniated discs in my lower back. Stage 2 hamstring tear in my left hamstring and bursitis in both shoulders.

Also, going to a business alone and working three jobs to ensure the success of my training business.

OMR: What do you love about the WBFF?

The people you meet and the positive atmosphere. I am still in touch with people I met 8 years ago through competing, and I am fortunate enough to call some of them my best friends.

OMR: What do you love about OneMoreRep, and why is it a good fit for you to be a sponsored athlete?

The quality of clothing, their roots in fitness and their attitude towards their athletes. It's a very positive, extremely high quality and pioneering brand that is customer and athlete orientated 

OMR: What are your fave OMR pieces/or collections?

Brace Tee is my hands-down favourite. Amazing material, super durables and multi-purpose. My wardrobe consists of about 2 of these Tees in each colour offered! I also love their all-day everyday shorts and core stringer. They're training staples!

OMR: What is your go-to post-workout meal?

Currently, during prep, nothing too flash as its function over form - Chicken and Rice OR 1x whole egg, 8x egg whites, 2x English muffins 

OMR: What are your favourite ways to relax, unwind, find balance, and mental/physical/emotional rest?

Food and Netflix in bed with my fiancé and my dogs. I work a very 24/7 job, I make myself available as much as possible with clients around the world, and in varying time zones this means my phone never stops. So simple things like I mentioned means the most to me. 

OMR: Why is it so important to you to have downtime?

Allows me to focus on myself, decompress and find balance. If I'm not performing my best, it affects my ability to help my clients.

OMR: What are your three fave things in life?

My Fiancé, My Dogs and my family and friends. I know that's technically four 


OMR: What are you most looking forward to in the future?

Getting married and seeing where both my career and competitive endeavours lead.

OMR: Finally, what is your advice to those who admire your lifestyle and want to "Push beyond"?

Pick a goal and be unrelenting in your pursuit of it. 

You can follow Blake's journey here.

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