International Women’s Day

Camila Griffin

International Women's Day is a worldwide observance that recognises women's accomplishments in various spheres, including social, economic, cultural, and political realms.

It also serves as a critical reminder of the persistent inequality many women face worldwide. This 8th of March, IWD urges everyone to #EmbraceEquity. At OneMoreRep, we take pride in the many women who drive our business forward with their inspiration, positivity, and success.

We want to introduce you to some of these outstanding women and learn what International Women's Day signifies to them:


Connie Grossmith, WBFF Pro Fitness Athlete and Sponsored Athlete at OMR

“International Women's Day means to me the recognition of every incredible woman out there and the appreciation of the huge positive roles that they/we take.  As mums, sisters, daughters, partners, and friends. When women work together and support each other, it is as powerful as an army, and I believe women should be recognised for all they do. Don’t let anyone tell you "you CAN’T". You can literally change your life. You have to take a leap of faith and know that setbacks are only lessons that help us grow and develop.”


Tamara Smith,WBFF Pro Fitness Athlete, Product Consultant and Athlete at OMR:


"International Women’s Day to me is a day myself and other women can be proud of ourselves, our accomplishments, achievements, and future endeavours. It is about celebrating how strong and determined we have been and the challenges we have overcome to achieve many things in our lives, such as career, fitness, family or personal mindset goals. It’s paying tribute to those who have inspired us, such as our mothers, grandmothers, role models and other inspirational women who have encouraged or led the way for others."

OMR: What does "Push Beyond" mean to you?

TS: "Push beyond is a daily motivation to me! It means to achieve more and keep up the motivation to aim higher. It is pushing further than my goal and aiming higher!"


Tasha Hunter, OMR Brand Manager and WNBF Bikini Pro

"If there's anything I wish women could collectively and individually embrace, it's to take up more space, to be unapologetic and to realise your gender is never something that should stop you from being and pursuing what you really want."


This day sheds light on a bleak reality that demands greater recognition -we must empower and support each other and move forward in solidarity, with leaders nurturing other leaders. Let us choose to recognise the equal worth of every individual (for they are all equally valuable) while celebrating our individuality.


For further information, please visit the IWD website, and download their resources. They have excellent ways to get involved at home, in the workplace, and with loved ones. Together, we can accomplish much more in our efforts to #EmbraceEquity.


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