Follow our OneMoreRep Athletes to the WORLD stage!

Tasha Hunter

Follow our OneMoreRep Athletes to the WORLD stage!

They're fit, they're focused, they're fearless, and they embody the Push Beyond mentality. Follow the OneMoreRep athletes, who are about to show off all their hard work and sashay down the catwalk on the WBFF Worlds stage in Vegas, USA this August, 2023. 

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Connie Louise 

Connie Louise is a WBFF Fitness Pro, Online Coach, and the proud owner of 'The Glute Station Gym' located in Bondi Junction, Sydney. Originally from the UK, she has made Australia her home for over 7 years.

With a remarkable 12 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, Connie exudes passion and a sense of fulfilment by empowering women through the art of Lifting Weights. Her ultimate goal is to instill confidence in her clients, enabling them to feel strong and confident in every aspect of their lives, whether it's inside or outside the gym.

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Lauren Killey

Lauren Killey is the co-founder of Beyond Fitness, an entrepreneur, WBFF Fitness Pro, comp-prep and lifestyle transformation specialist coach, and a posing and stage coach. She is deeply passionate about health and fitness, aiming to drive positive change in the fitness industry and empower others to realise their full potential. Taking a daring leap, she left her job as a high-school English and drama teacher to pursue a career in fitness, which has led her to a fulfilling life, running her own business with her partner and impacting people worldwide.

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Tess Trainor

Tess Trainor is a mindset coach and a WBFF Pro, helping women to cultivate a power within themselves that is felt not faked.

Tess won her WBFF Pro card in 2022, and truly believes that mindset is the missing piece of so many women’s competing experiences. She created her own program ‘Shine On Stage’. to help women cultivate the correct competing mindset. She will be making her Pro debut in 2023 at WBFF Worlds in Vegas.

To Tess, "Push Beyond" means: to go further than the average. To never settle and to always get the most out of life.

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Kristina Angeli

Kristina is a WBFF Wellness Pro, achieving first place at the July 2023 WBFF Aust show in Sydney. Her journey continues as she prepares for her pro debut at the highly anticipated WBFF Worlds in Las Vegas this coming August.

With a remarkable career spanning over a decade, Kristina has honed her skills not only as a seasoned competitor but also as a talented posing coach and successful business owner. Ever since the inception of OneMoreRep, she has been a dedicated brand ambassador, pushing beyond the limits and inspiring others to do the same.

Kristina's versatility shines through her diverse athletic background, which includes accomplishments in bodybuilding, fitness modeling, powerlifting, and dance. Her embodiment of the "Push Beyond" mentality serves as an inspiration to many, making her a remarkable role model for aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

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Tracey Defferrard

Meet the unstoppable WBFF Figure Pro from Cairns, who secured 2nd place at the November Pro WBFF Australian show and aims for the World Figure Pro title at the WBFF WORLDS in Vegas.

She has conquered many competing setbacks, but has now found her place, transitioning from Bikini to Fitness and winning her WBFF Pro card in 2019. A registered cosmetic nurse, dedicated fitness coach, and a successful business owner, she's also a loving mum to an 8-year-old boy. As her 40th birthday nears, she's determined to make her dream of a WBFF world title a reality. Keep an eye on this inspiring journey to greatness!

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Blake Synclair

Meet Blake Sinclair, WBFF Pro and online trainer, who currently holds the highest Rank among Male Australian WBFF Pros.

Blake's ultimate goal is to lead by example and demonstrate that with determination and effort, anyone can accomplish remarkable feats. With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, he runs a thriving online coaching business called "The Zenith Method." Through this venture, he helps individuals from diverse backgrounds achieve life-changing transformations.

Additionally, Blake takes pride in being a sponsored athlete with OneMoreRep, sharing a strong connection with our ethos of “Push Beyond”. He is passionate about motivating people to give their all, empty their tanks, and push beyond their limits.

Do you live the PUSH BEYOND life?

Ever wanted to be a OneMoreRep Brand Ambassador? If you live, breathe, train and rest according to the OneMoreRep mentality of striving for one more rep in all areas of life, whether it be physical, mental or circumstantial, and if you consider obstacles as a way to challenge yourself to find a way to Push beyond, then you should apply.

If you love making content, and have over 5000 followers on a major social media platform, we'd love to hear from you!



Our Ambassadors have been carefully selected to represent the OneMoreRep brand. They live and breathe the OneMoreRep mentality daily, and they proudly wear OneMoreRep gear in their pursuit to PUSH BEYOND.

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